What exactly is a Boutique Hotel? Boutique Hotel in Thamel: Dom Himalaya

What exactly is a Boutique Hotel? Boutique Hotel in Thamel: Dom Himalaya

What exactly is a Boutique Hotel? Boutique Hotel in Thamel: Dom Himalaya

Khim 1 Comments Tuesday, July 09, 2019

     Have you ever asked to yourself or someone, “What exactly is a Boutique Hotel”? Well, the literal meaning of boutique implies ‘small, sophisticated and fashionable business or establishment’. When it comes to hotels and hospitality, the meaning of boutique is not only limited in terms of size and fashion. Instead, Boutique hotels show up with homely touches, amazing designs with an abundance of local arts and crafts, and obviously good services. Believe me! They won’t hurt your bank account but offer worthy stay. 

Here in this blog, I will be discussing on an introduction to boutique hotels with their fundamental criteria and few boutique hotels in Thamel.

YES! The word has its own significance and meaning in the field of foods and hospitality. But, we find many ventures using this name randomly which is not a decent one. Boutique Inn not only comes with alluring designs but also has to hold a few basic amenities with alluring aura.

Boutique hotels are some of the perfect places for foods and accommodation especially while traveling. It’s more like having perfect compromise, preferring to have your own space, but unlike staying in a dorm. And most importantly, we don’t have the budget to splurge for 5-star hotels. Boutique hotels are generally guests and locations friendly.  Design and decoration are what they focus on boutique hotels. It also offers good amenities but with a more affordable price range.

While there are no savvy guidelines for a “boutique hotel”, definitely it has distinct characteristics. A boutique hotel is just that — a small, well-managed hotel, positioned in a fashionable location in the city’s urban district. There is no exact definition when it comes to the description of boutique hotels, however, they usually bestow common features.

In comparison to other regular hotels, boutique inns are smaller in size, more intimate, and usually features a strong artistic sense of focused design. 

Few characteristics of Boutique hotels:

a) Smaller in Size

        Boutique hotels are designed with smaller sizes, anywhere around 10 to 120 rooms and suites available in the property. Its rooms are more intimate compared to other hotels’ structure, which turns its services into more personal than ever. Most of the amazing boutique inns have around 30 to 40 rooms.


b) Unique in Ambience

       Aura of the hotel premises is considered as a fundamental factor. Boutique hotels usually aspire to create a distinct characteristic in their complex. Yes! The alluring outlook and the vibes provided by hotels matter the most.


c) Artistic Design

        The design of any physical structure plays a dominant role in creating unique characteristics. Hence, most of the boutique hotels provide attention to awesome design. Blending interesting architecture, artistic furnishings, captivating decorations as well as playing through hues to create a character, Boutique hotels attract any soul.


d) Accessible Location

       It is recommended that the location should be in easily accessible from the main tourists’ hub.  Most of the hotels are usually found in fashionable areas just within the walking distance from the heart of the city.


e) Contemporary and Relaxing Vibes

        Not only the inner design and decoration but also Boutique hotels are set up with damn best outlook. They try to soothe their guests from every angle.


f) Personalized Services

        Also, these boutiques hotels are best at customizing and personalizing services accordingly. They give utter importance and care to their clients so that clients can remember for a lifetime. Gratefulness by customer and customer satisfaction are the main two aspects which they focus immensely on.


g) Great Selection of Culinary Items, Art and Culture

        This feature is generally available in other hotels too. If we have to run a hotel and are planning to host guests from all over the world, indeed we must show up with extensive choices of foods, culinary, drinks. Also, local special dishes blended with regional traditional practices also add value among the international merrymakers.


h) Customer-Oriented Services

      “Smaller premises, the smaller number of rooms and sophisticated aura” obviously leads to the small number of guests. Boutique Hotels primarily focuses on customers as the customers are the prime part of any businesses in the world. They are seekers and if we can provide the services according to their needs and comfort, it is a worthy step to our venture. 


i) Other Privileges

       Other amenities like kid-friendly menu, pet-friendly complex and easy location and access to differently-abled categories are also being focused by boutique hotels these days.  It not only feels good to providers but also it makes feel special to consumer/service seekers. 


I am sure up to here, you guys have now, a clear understanding of "What exactly is a Boutique Hotel is"? 

Boutique Hotel in Thamel: Hotel Dom Himalaya!

dom himalaya hotel


Hotel Dome Himalaya [HDH] is the epitome of boutique hotels which is located in the popular tourist hub of Thamel district in Kathmandu. For more than two years now, it has offered the optimal in modern amenities blended with traditional Nepalese hospitality.

With its prime motto: “Luxury at your price” Dom Himalaya presents you the best possible services at your price. With an open kitchen, gregarious staffs, spick and span rooms, and suites, own parking lots, garden which are fully equipped with private washrooms, HDH, welcomes its visitors from all around the globe. Indeed, DOM is home away from home.

Remember us when you’re in Nepal or while planning a visit to Nepal.




Мы прожили в этом отеле 4 ночи, хороший отель, большие просторные комнаты, в комнате чисто и комфортно, есть все необходимое. Персонал приветливый и готов выполнить любую просьбу. Хозяин помог нам с покупкой билетов на самолёт внутреннего сообщения и помог с трансфером. Ещё у этого отеля есть прекрасная терраса на крыше. Там очень приятно пить вино или делать йогу. Обязательно приеду сюда ещё.

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